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You only have to touch a Scorpion exhaust to appreciate the premium design and construction qualities. In other words this translates into tangible gains in both performance and reliability. Production from a factory in England, Scorpion are one of the best exhaust systems on the market today. As a result Scorpion has become one of the most popular upgrades amongst both tuning enthusiasts and racers alike, for instance.

But the real difference is the way a Scorpion feels. Similarly no other exhaust is created with Scorpion’s passion, expertise and experiences. Because of this Scorpion’s appeal goes beyond the many superb product advantages. Everything that Scorpion have put into developing the world’s best exhausts over the years. From design to production can be, felt and experienced by you, the driver.

Scorpion Exhaust Options

Scorpion offer a wide range of exhaust options. Many of which are interchangeable sections, meaning you can upgrade in stages. All sections can usually be ordered individually. For example you buy a non res exhaust system for your car. However six months down the line you decide it is too loud. In other words you would like a more subtle system. Therefore, you simply remove the non res pipe section, after that simply purchase a resonated section and replace. Job done! If you are a customer from Northern Ireland we can offer fitting services at our garage facility NI Vans



Scorpion high flow, light weight tubular exhaust manifolds are unique in design and construction using tested technology, in addition Scorpion performance has also been derived from many successful partnerships with top flight British Touring Car Championship teams.

Turbo Downpipe


Turbo charger engines need to be able to breathe. To assist this a range of turbo down pipes have been in development by Scorpion to suit high power turbo applications. Above all to enable an increase in performance Scorpion carefully match pipe diameters for peak performance gains.

Sports Cat & Decat

Sports Cat/Decat

A catalyst is a key component in emission control. It is also the most restrictive component of an exhaust. Scorpion Sports Catalysts increase the gas flow. While in addition maintaining filtration rates. Scorpion decats simply replace the catalyst altogether for the ultimate flow rate.

Cat Back Exhaust System


Want a little more power from your car? A cat-back exhaust is the perfect compromise.In conclusion by leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Scorpion’s cat-back exhausts and pioneering design. For instance improving gasflow and sound, but leaving the car fully road legal and MOT ready.

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