Cobra Sport Exhausts

Cobra Sport Exhausts
Cobra Sport Exhausts

Cobra Sport Exhausts are specialists in the manufacture of stainless steel performance exhausts.

Their heritage in the UK’s performance exhaust market spans over five decades. With a proven track record of a commitment to continuous improvement.

This commitment has resulted in the company being awarded the “Made In Sheffield” mark. Which is a symbol of excellence in manufacturing which is recognised worldwide.

Cobra Sport’s range of performance exhausts demonstrate the highest quality of manufacturing. Each system is hand-made in Sheffield. And so with in-house expertise ensures that all Cobra Sport Exhausts are engineered the highest tolerances. Thus ensuring a perfect first-time fit. Offering great performance and a truly pitch perfect exhaust sound.

Cobra Sport’s Exhaust production facilities are geared up to producing performance exhausts in high volume. Not only for themselves but also for clients such as Subaru UK, Isuzu UK and Ginetta Cars, to name a few. This does not preclude working for clients on an individual ‘one-off’ basis. Should it be custom developments for road, track or race exhausts systems

Precision power, matched by great looks and an winning sound is the Cobra Sport promise

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