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One of the easiest ways to increase your cars performance. Replace an original exhaust with one that is much less restrictive is so often a first step in tuning your engine. Aside from the increased horsepower because a new performance exhaust can often save a considerable amount of weight. Thus further improving your car’s performance. A sports exhaust system removes restrictions. This will reduce back pressure and allows exhaust gasses to escape more easily. Which in turn allows air and fuel to be drawn into the engine more effectively. Our online store carries the best brands available within the performance exhausts and tuning parts sector. Browse for a new exhaust system, replacement manifolds, downpipes, turbo back and cat back systems

What make up your vehicles sports exhaust system?

The Manifold, Headers or Downpipe
This is the first point of contact for the exhaust gases exiting the cylinder head. Because it’s also a commonly upgraded item where heavy cast manifolds are swapped out for tubular headers. Whats the idea behind upgrading to an exhaust header. This is typically to increase the exhaust piping diameter. Which in turn will increasing exhaust scavenging so by aligning the exhaust pulses in a performance fashion.

Catalytic Converter
It takes the incoming NOx, CO, and unburnt hydrocarbons from the exhaust. Then converts it into much less harmful N2, O2, CO2, and H2O.

Exhaust Piping
The pipes route the exhaust gases away from the interior of the car. Travelling elsewhere underside the vehicle so the gases will cause no issue to the vehicles occupants

Resonated Or Non Resonated
Though it’s not a necessary portion of an exhaust. Because it’s often included and so it helps to eliminate exhaust drone at motorway speeds. Resonators work by canceling sound waves out. And because they are typically tuned for a specific frequency in which the engine noise is loud or undesirable.

There are many types of silencers. With the idea being to eliminate noise. One of the most common ways they work is by redirecting the airflow. Along the way so the exhaust passes through porous pipes allowing the exhaust gases to expand. The sound deadening material used then minimizes the noise that finally exits the tailpipe.

The majority of all exhausts we provide are stainless steel high quality units with manufacturer warranties.

Performance Exhausts Online Store
Performance Exhausts Online Store

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